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"True Success Comes From Serving Others"

  • Top 1% of Realtors in the Nation
  • 17 Years Orange County Realtor South Huntington Beach Specialist
  • Over $85 Million in Home Sales in Orange County
  • Strong Negotiating Skills in Every Kind of Market
  • Specializing in South Huntington Beach Homes:
    • Park Huntington
    • Deane
    • Oceanaire
    • Yorktown
    • La Cuesta Homes

Welcome to my website! You can call me anytime directly at 714-791-4455 D.R.E.#01143665. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly I'll get back to you, often answering in person if I'm not on another call! There's lots of information here specially designed to help you as you begin the adventure of selling your home or buying the home of your dreams! I'd love to be the person who helps you navigate through those complicated waters; and make it simple for you. But to feel more comfortable in doing that, you need to know a little about me.

I have lived in Orange County for over 22 years in both Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley, so I know the area very well, including the school districts which are so important for parents in the community.

I have consistently been a multi-million dollar producer in real estate every year for the last 17 years. I attribute this success to the fact that I am a people person and really enjoy serving the clients I work with. I enjoy helping every age group from the young first time buyer to the retiring seller.

Most important to you as my client, is that I have an outstanding marketing background even before real estate for 12 years. This is important in marketing your home and positioning it as different from or better than the other homes on the market.

I am known as a strong negotiator in every kind of market and give great attention to detail; so that my transactions have a very high close rate.

Staging your home to create maximum curb appeal is one of my specialties. I do not charge extra for this, as many staging companies do, even though I have training in this field and have done it for my clients for over 15 years. I enjoy staging immensely especially because it typically brings a higher sale price for my sellers.

The sellers I represent are primarily located in South Huntington Beach in the beautiful Park Huntington Homes, Deane Homes, Oceanaire Homes, Yorktown Homes and La Cuesta Homes. That's a healthy range going from modest one story homes to large, very exclusive homes.

My clients' referrals lead me to buyers who I then take all over the Orange County area including Costa Mesa, Newport Beach and North and South County.

I write the popular newsletter, "The Baker Breeze" every month. It is full of human interest stories, humor and real estate information. I am also a graduate of California State University Northridge.

I'd be privileged to talk with you most anytime. And welcome to this exciting, important new season in your life! I believe that true success comes from serving others. I look forward to talking with you.


Bill and Penny Hoffman, Owners of 7641 Seine, Huntington Beach

"We would recommend Ann Baker as your realtor because she is honest, extremely helpful and a joy to work with. Her keen eye on staging our home was very welcomed and she also was very helpful in the rehab of our home, helping to pick out light fixtures, needed carpeting, colors for walls and carpeting, window treatments and furniture placing. She was always on time; if she said she was going to do something she did it. Her handholding was so necessary at times and she was there to answer any and all questions we had for her. Closing was so smooth and she took care of everything! We call her our "Super Agent"!

Jeannie Goodman
9651 Orient Drive, Huntington Beach

Why I recommend Ann Baker,

Ann is the Wonder Woman of Realtors! She is the consummate professional. She is always just a telephone call away and stays in touch even if you don't. No question is overlooked or too stupid to answer. She has mastered the art of patience and takes on challenges she really doesn't have to, just to help her clients. For example, I had ordered the gas shut off got the house fumigation and to send me the final bill, as escrow would be closing it turned back on and Ann jumped in and explained the situation to the gas co and we were all spared some valuable time trying to sort it all out. She does it all in such a nice manner that all parties are pleased. Now, that is an art! Last, but by no means least, I trust her judgment in all matters pertaining to real estate. The language is often confusing and she explains it in laymen's terms for her clients. If she says it is OK to sign. What could have been a very stressful time for me, turned out to be nothing but pleasure, everything went so smoothly. My sincere thanks for a job will done, Ann.

Gary and Chris Doperalski.
19821 CARMANIA, Huntington Beach

Ann found exactly what we wanted in a home in this area! We bought our home on Carmania through Ann after meeting her at an open house. She was true to her word from the beginning. She called when she said she would, even on Mother's day eve. She was never pushy and always interested in what we needed. We're impressed with her honesty and professionalism!

Amy Olmsted
9621 Innsbruck, Huntington Beach

Ann did a phenomenal job of managing the pricing and selling of my home. She gave great recommendations on preparing my home to show... so much so that we received two full price offers in a few days. She made everything so simple! Ann kept me apprised of all the details, yet made it very easy for me1 We closed on time and I got more money out of my house than I expected! I would highly recommend that you choose Ann as your realtor. She's awesome!

Henry Simmons
9812 Effingham, Huntington Beach

"Ann Baker is simply the best realtor I've ever known! We bought this house from her in 1999. She sold this house in one week for the highest price ever for this model. We're really happy with our sale price!We never even considered another realtor! Ann covers all the bases. She's very professional and always makes us feel at ease. Everything is handled. We never have to wonder what's going on or chase her down. She never leaves us hinging. We always know what to expect next. She's a real go-getter. I'd recommend her to anyone!

Mildred and Bill Daggett
9561 Netherway, Huntington Beach

We know Ann Baker because she has made the effort to come around to our neighborhood for hears. She knows all the La Cuesta models well and knew exactly what it would take to present our home in its best light. She's up on everything and even knew how to advise us regarding capital gains and all the things we needed to know to be comfortable to sell and move to a retirement community. She sold us that home too. We don't need to keep up this house anymore and want some freedom! We were a little scared at first since we haven't sold a home in 32 years! But now, we are so happy with the price we got and we're ready for our new adventure in the Huntington Landmark community with money in our pockets! We'd recommend Ann to everyone who wants to sell and move on! She's a real go-getter!

Misti and Randy May | 1001 Dana, Huntington Beach

I will continue to recommend Ann Baker as a realtor because:

  1. She sold our last home in HB successfully.
  2. She sent us her newsletter for 3 to 5 years even though we moved out of state. This helped us keep track of the market here. We had not expected to move back to Southern California.
  3. Ann is willing to work hard and spent a lot of her time looking at homes with us in a wide geographic area to help us figure out where we would be comfortable buying. She is very knowledgeable about the market and knows when she needs to be assertive. She does so appropriately.
  4. She really cares about her clients and stays with them and is responsive even if difficulties arise. She listens to her clients and offers advice without imposing her opinions.
  5. Ann and her team are thorough and follow up on the many details that it takes to successfully buy and sell a home.
  6. She finishes the deal with a personal touch of kindness.

Art Aviles
Seller, 9841 Mammoth Drive, Huntington Beach
Buyer 18361 Larkstone Circle, Huntington Beach

The Aviles Family

Dear Ann,
It gives me great pleasure to thank you for your professional and friendly work on our behalf as we sold our old home and bought our new one. As a former military career officer, we moved 10 times during 20 years and an additional 5 times since retirement from the military. If it had not been for your most diligent and very professional work, I greatly doubt that both transactions would have closed successfully. I am in deep respect for your knowledge and experience, your attention to detail, the close tracking of all aspects of the transactions and your willingness to intercede when necessary. You were always there for us to provide counsel and friendship from finding the new home to selling the old one. Roxana and I are most grateful and we look forward to many years of friendship with you and your husband.
Francis J. Briscoe
20142 McKinley Lane, Huntington Beach

Georgene and I want to thank you for all your help in making what could have been a frustrating and difficult experience into a smooth and relatively effortless one.

We had you in mind for a long time as our preferred agent when we were ready to sell. What convinced us was our regular reading of your "Baker Breeze" which told us the dedicated and caring person you are.

Your marketing of our house couldn't have been smarter or more effective. Our unfinished bonus room which by all rights should have been a negative factor, you highlighted as a buyer's rare opportunity to transform it themselves. In fact, that proved to be the key to the sale and brought an offer over our listed price as you predicted.

You were at our side all the way, expediting the paper work which allowed a fast and early close of escrow. I was particularly impressed with your negotiating skills which gave us protections I would never have thought of myself.

Dan Campbell
20262 Colonial Circle, Huntington Beach

Selling your home is a very significant event. Our 3 children were raised here in Park Huntington and it was a difficult decision to sell after 33 years. I have talked with Ann Baker over the years at our front door about the market and read her newsletters for years. Frankly, she was the only realtor I even considered calling. She has been the most consistent and successful realtor in our area with an established track record and appropriately priced homes that sell. She knows our area well.

We met and agreed on how to dress up the house with her helpful suggestions. We had an open house (she was willing to have many) and quickly received 2 offers. Our first buyer was unable to perform as promised and we put the house back on the market. Ann quickly found another buyer and all total it only took 70 days for the entire listing and escrow period. As difficult as it was, Ann was fair to both sides. And as emotional as it got at times, Ann stayed true to all parties and we got what we wanted in the end.

I am happy to recommend Ann Baker. She works hard and does get the job done from start to finish.

Bill and Billy Hovis
20372 Everglades, Huntington Beach

Over 30 agents called wanting to list their home. Here's why they chose Ann Baker....... "Ann was very compassionate to our situation when we had to take our home off the market in the midst of an awkward situation. She just seemed to understand us and where we were coming from without pressure. She seemed more interested in doing business with us than anyone else and obviously knows our area better than anyone else.

Ann is extremely competent! She had great ideas for helping us make the house look good without spending a lot of money!

Our entire escrow went very smoothly even though we had to do the entire escrow long distance from North Carolina after we moved!

She saved us thousands with her negotiating skills when repairs came up! Her response time to us was almost immediate every time even at a long distance!

Thanks to Ann's knowledge of the market we got a better price than we expected!

Ray and Nancy Kelly
9912 Kings Canyon, Huntington Beach

We chose Ann Baker to sell our home for several reasons. Her marketing expertise is the main reason. We see her name everywhere. She gets the message out and we knew she'd do a good job. She really listened to us and was sensitive to our particular situation. We didn't want a lot of people marching through our home and yet wanted our price. Well, she did exactly as we asked and got our price too! And she brought the buyers herself! They are really nice people. A nice young family that will be perfect for this home! Everything is going so smoothly-we had no idea it could be this easy!

We would like to recommend Ann to anyone who wants to buy or sell!

Dan and Sue Malane
9912 Kings Canyon, Huntington Beach

We are so happy we can't see straight! We just can't believe it! We've been searching for a home in this area for a long time! Ann Baker had our number and had kept looking for us knowing just what we wanted. She called us before the crowd got it. She has been very fair even representing both sides of the deal. She worked out and negotiated the home inspection and repairs for us, introduced us to a great lender and even negotiated some furniture for us! We're not religious people, but we really feel blessed to have found Ann! Everything is going smoothly for us and I can even call Ann at any time direct with all the questions I need! She's always right there for us! We recommend Ann to anyone who wants to buy or sell a home!

James and Shannon Kosai
8472 Deepcliff and 19511 Tuckahoe, Huntington Beach

We needed a bigger house but the small one we had was so pretty with all the upgrades we had put in that we didn't know if we could ever find a bigger house with as gorgeous a kitchen as we already had or whether to just stay here. Ann had us out looking at what was available even before we listed our house so that we could be sure there were great homes out there for us. Wow! Right away she found us the home of our dreams with a fantastic kitchen! We rushed home, listed our house with Ann, wrote an offer on the new home and Ann brought us a buyer all in one afternoon!

We chose to work with her because we have known her face to face and had also seen her name everywhere! Even a colleague at work said, "Did you sell your house with Ann Baker? She is very personable, has even come to our door and we feel comfortable with her.

She figured out what we wanted, is very professional and is on top of the laws. She looks out for our well being. She found us a great lender and called everyday with homes for us to look at even before we listed our home! She even gave us her cell phone number and welcomed us to call anytime late night or early morning. We are very happy with the price she got for our home!Absolutely, we recommend her to our friends!

Monique and John Moher, Elmsford Lane, Oceanaire Homes, Huntington Beach

Ann Baker is very active in our neighborhood and has been for many years. She is very aggressive in her marketing which is why we chose her as our realtor. She never gave up on us even when we closed the door on her several years ago. She gave us lots of good suggestions as to how to prepare the house to make it show really good for buyers and even gave us some referrals for handymen and others.

We're happy with the price she got for our home. It's been a smooth transaction, the repairs have been successfully negotiated and we're ready to go!

We recommend her to all our neighbors and friends!

George Kelso Jr., Yasuko Kelso, Steve Kelso
20252 Wind Cave, Huntington Beach

When we decided to put our home up for sale, the first thing that came to mind was which agent we would choose. We needed someone we could trust, who would work hard to bring us the best deal possible.

We have lived in this home for 18 years and all three of our kids grew up here. We've known Ann Baker for most of those years. I bet almost everyone in my neighborhood knows her.

We were right. She worked very hard. She even helped me decorate our house to look better, besides other small details. When she got an offer, she talked and talked for hours and days to the buyers' agent to bring the offer to the level we will be happy to accept. We certainly admire her consistency and respect her professional manner.

At the same time, she was working for my son, to buy a condo. My son is only 22 years old. Everything was a new experience for him. He wanted to buy the first condo he saw. Ann refused to let him settle for that one. She made sure the condo is a safe place to live, convenient to his work and the best deal.

She also helped him understand the loan process and other important things also. My son was overjoyed when she found the one exactly that he wanted.

Thanks to Ann Baker, you are the best! PS: We highly recommend Ann's services for all you real estate needs!



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